What workshop attendees are saying about David Treadway’s workshops . . .

"Dr. Treadway has a wonderful ability to interact & engage the audience. He is thoughtful, humorous, engaging, animated, humble & honest."

"Very good speaker; excellent presentation. Dr. Treadway is a laser beam to the soul."

"This was a great topic with a crisp presentation, useful and enhancing ideas – valuable material wonderfully presented."

"This was a well chosen speaker who did a fabulous job . . . he is compassionate and caring, as well as extremely knowledgeable."

"Excellent – important information – needed in the professional arena in order to effectively and appropriately work with couples."

"Dr. T was excellent! He challenged us to look at our old approaches."

"Knowledgeable speaker, good hand-outs, great humor. Enjoyed his presentation style plus the good, useful content."

"Dr. T was very well prepared and knowledgeable . . . I learned a lot."

"Excellent; great clinical examples . . . pace was good."

"Dr. T’s techniques enhance the skills I already have & will make them much more valuable in my practice."

"Excellent speaker – dynamic, knowledgeable, great examples clearly presented with humor and sensitivity. Dr. Treadway is a dynamo!"

"David was honest & sensitive about the issues, strengths & weaknesses of those in this profession."

"Awesome! Extremely engaging, wonderful integration of complex stuff – great experience." 

"Very well-prepared presenter. Great to be able to laugh while discussing grief and learning new ways to help."