Presentation Topics

Families and Illness
Dr Treadway and his physican wife and two sons present "A Family Portrait of Cancer and Healing" for professional and public audiences. This workshop is about how families can cope with illness and crises.

The Heart of Loving: A Fresh Model of Couples Therapy
Behind Closed Doors: Sex and Intimacy in Couples Therapy
Intimacy, Change and Other Therapeutic Mysteries: Stories of Clinicians and Clients
Grief / Loss / Suicide
A Death in the Family: Families Facing Illness and Loss
Holding on for Dear Life: Suicidality and a Model for Treating the Survivors of a Suicide
Hidden Tears – Wasted Years
The Crisis of Change: Helping Parents & Children Handle the Trauma of a Separation, Divorce & Remarriage
The Therapist
Therapist: Heal Thyself
Grace Happens: Intimacy, Grief and Spirituality in Everyday Life
Keeping the Spark Alive: Burnout, Grief & Spirituality in Clinical Practice and Everyday Life
Catching the Next Wave: Therapists at Mid-Life
Substance Abuse
Before It’s Too Late: Working with Substance Abuse in the Family
Family Treatment of Adolescent Substance Abuse: Who Owns the Problem – Parents or Kids?  
Note: Dr. Treadway is willing to conduct a live family interview as part of his presentations